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About The Growth Bus

Dear Readers and Stakeholders,

Hello, and thanks for tuning into “The Growth Bus”. The Growth Bus is all about our passion for our Partner Companies’ Health and Wellness businesses. We define this industry based on those we’ve been fortunte to serve in with honor: natural/organic food and beverage, alcoholic beverages, natural and organic personal care and branded B2B categories with health and wellness aspects. This includes branded food ingredients, occupational hand hygiene and infection control. Wait…alcoholic beverages too? Yes, because moderate consumption of adult beverages has been proven to be healthier than either more excessive consumption, or tea totaling.

We like to think of health and wellness business growth as dynamic, moving and of course…large, just like a bus! So not just a growth bicycle, a car or even a limo. No, we think of business growth as taking place on a bus.

In order for the bus to take off, the bus must have the right engineering…just like brands need to be built through proper support. Like brands, buses typically take a lot of effort and energy to get moving, but once moving, they are indeed quite powerful.

The bus must also have four wheels. So, our Health and Wellness Bus is made up of four business development “drivers” or wheels:

– A Traditional Category wheel – to build Partner Companies’ business through best-practice brand strategy, brand portfolio management and financial planning

– A Digital Category wheel – to build Partner Companies’ business through a best-practice digital marketing toolkit

– A Geographic wheel – to take client’s business global, outside of its home market

– An Investing wheel – where appropriate or suitable, invest in Partner Company businesses through partial ownership

Also, the right people need to be on the bus. Who are these people? They are all the stakeholders in the process – the right brand or company’s Management Team, the right functional business groups, the outsourced shared services, the customers, and of course we here at the main Bus Depot. We have named our various Bus Wheels. A bit on each is below.

We Do Wellness , E-Business Growth Partners and de Luca Capital Partners, LLC.

We Do Wellness is about a business industry (health and wellness business growth). E-Business Growth Partners is We Do Wellness’ Digital Marketing Division.

de Luca Capital Partners, LLC is We Do Wellness’ and Beachhead Investments’ financing and investing arm. It is what allows Beachhead and We Do Wellness to take select private equity investment stakes in operating client companies, if such investments are available, possible and suitable. If not available, de Luca Capital Partners will continue to build its investments portfolio so that it may be even more ready to chase interesting elephants. Certainly not the large elephants that Warren Buffet pursues through his Berkshire Hathaway, but interesting ones nonetheless!

Beachhead Investments

Where We Do Wellness looks at the world through a business category lens (health and wellness), Beachhead looks at it through a geographic expansion lens. Simply, Beachhead is our global enabler of business growth for health and wellness businesses. Whether in natural/organic food and beverage, alcoholic beverages, natural personal care, occupational hand hygiene, or institutional infection control, Beachhead can take successful businesses in home markets and provide global access to new ones. That’s because we’ve already done it successfully multiple times.

In sum, we enable the “Growth Bus”  by a combination of operating and investing wheels all focused on health and wellness. The operating and investing arms have been active since 1985, and they have helped create potential financing for suitable client expansions.

We now adjourn this section and overview to return about The Growth Bus. Thanks for your attention!


Steve de Luca

President, Beachhead Investments, Inc. | President, de Luca Capital Partners, LLC (dba We Do Wellness)

O: (224)-433-6026 | M: (847)-648-8855 | Skype: Steve.deLuca5

e: | |





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