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Libertyville, IL —–June 28, 2009

We at de Luca Capital Partners are announcing that two weeks ago, we converted our 90% equities, 10% cash investment allocation to about 75% cash, 25% equities. The conversion was done over an approximate 5-day period. The percentages are approximate, as they fluctuate daily given the small size of the portfolio. The main reason for this apparent sudden change is that the combination of our proprietary technical, valuation, sentiment and macroeconomic indicators began flashing orange about a month ago. While we are still in a “code orange” situation in the equities markets, we don’t believe that any additional potential gains could more than offset the downside risk inherent in our high-Beta portfolio of mainly commodities and alternative energy investments.

As announced earlier today, we will over time begin creating a separate section to capture our Investing Division’s posts through Asset Allocation Alert service.

This initiative reflects our long-standing philosophy that dynamic asset allocation, both by type – cash, long equities and short equities – and by industry sector – has the potential of dramatically increasing performance when managed actively, especially in a secular bear market such as this one.

As always, I welcome any comment. Please email me at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

From the investing battlefield,

Steve de Luca


Libertyville, IL: March 25, 2009

Dear Friends, Networking Colleagues and Blogging Aficionados,

It has been a long time coming. Really. Finally, after months of learning, procrastination, hesitancy, and yes…even fear, I’m unveiling our new exciting initiative. Now, it’s all about going from the inside out. No more simple surfing from others’ websites onto others. We now join the “original content” community who will try to give back rather than just take in.

So, this first post will introduce de Luca Capital Partners. What in the world are we? Well, simply…we’re structured as an operating, investing and financing company – just like so many other public ones out there, but without the headaches. OK, so you say – what does this mean to me?

As in all good things that come in life, the answer depends on what you’re looking for. Our Operating Division has been in existence for over twenty years, and is well established. We are unique strategic and business development contractors. Our client base is growing, as we are becoming more and more relevant to clients. We believe that this is because of our differentiated value proposition:

1. Unlike most consultancies, we have actually run a full business. We think that this makes us a little more credible when we approach clients with advice.

2. Unlike many industrial consultancies, we have had significant training in name-brand consumer packaged goods companies. This adds depth and breadth to our client’s needs.

3. Unlike many US-based consultants, we are truly global, having done business in over 110 countries

4. Unlike many client-side folks from one or two industries who first turn to consulting, we are deeply cross-trained across eight industries, and our client list already includes Pepsico, Herbalife and Smucker’s.

It’s this combination that has enabled us to serve so many clients, both internal and external ones, over the last two decades. For more details, please visit

Perhaps you’re an equities investor interested in doing better in the market than you have been. The Investing Division is now “going public” through the web to help investors capture their natural potential for gains. We have been highly fortunate and successful entrepreneurs in this field. We were some of the first on-line investors in the very early ’90s, ever since our first online purchase of a then-unknown company called Cisco. For those at this point wondering why we are still blogging after that purchase (!) we were fortunate to buy it, but “unfortunate” to sell it two years later for a sizable gain, before it soared 600-fold through 2000. That said, we learned the first of many lessons: you can never go wrong by taking your profits. Oh, and unlike financial advisers, we aren’t getting paid a dime for our advice.

de Luca Capital Partners’ Investing Division is focused on securing part ownership in promising public companies based on a proprietary mix of valuation, technical, sentiment and historical stock market indicators. The Division has outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of over 5 percentage points per year between 1999 – 2009. We don’t believe that having become at one time Registered Series 7 stockbrokers, and Series 66 Financial Advisers has anything to do with our performance. In fact, likely quite the opposite!

As we get ourselves underway here, we will be bringing to you investment ideas, asset allocation alerts, thoughts on the macro economy, and any other useful personal investing tidbits through our inaugural personal investing blog – The Health and Wellness Investing Bus. More on that later. Meanwhile, for any general questions on personal investing, I’m happy to reply to your questions at

We look forward to being in touch again soon.

Steve de Luca



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